Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mystery and Solitude in Topeka

Afternoon darkens into evening. A man falls deeper and deeper
into the slow spiral of sleep, into the drift of it, the length of it, through
what feels like mist, and comes at last to an open door through
which he passes without knowing why, then again without knowing
why goes to a room where he sits and waits while the room seems
to close around him and the dark is darker than any he has known,
and he feels something forming within him without being sure what it
is, its hold on him growing, as if a story were about to unfold, in which
two characters, Pleasure and Pain, commit the same crime, the one
that is his, that he will confess to again and again, until it means nothing.

- Mark Strand

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  1. I love this Kelly. I was so busy lately, didn't dropped around for a while, but... whenever I visit your blog I feel I am in a world I like the most...