Sunday, March 1, 2020

From that unknown place that is oriented in creativity

There is a certain light that is found only inside the wound. There are images there, tunnels and passageways of perception, somatic data, and psychic vision that is not available in times of peace, joy, and clarity.

Inside the labyrinths of grief, transition, uncertainty, and doubt are hidden jewels, which long to be mined and to disclose their essence.

While we will naturally have a preference to be free of the wound, we are asked to find the soul there. For there are colors, fragrance, data, and revelation that is not accessible outside that landscape. It is buried within it.

To access this, we must go against the grain and flow of a world that has forgotten the poetry and melody of the dark… one that has become enamored by solar glow and where the lunar has fallen into the shadow.

Somewhere in the middle of transcending the wound and drowning within it, the call comes from there, from that unknown place that is oriented in creativity and holding the tension. In that liminal dimension, in between, it is there the beloved awaits, looking for us. 

- Matt Licata