Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Van Gogh on Shakespeare

Shakespeare was an artist who out of compassion sacrificed himself to fashion a new art of the spirit that would speak to ordinary people, bringing comfort and healing.


  1. It was also Vincent's goal to appeal to and have his works priced so as to be affordable to the masses. Van Gogh would be amazed at how popular his works have become, and his name. Not only prints of his masterpieces, but their likenesses on everything from dashboard shades for automobiles, towels, drapes, furniture, vodka, cheese ... and that's just from casual observation.

    I'm sure there are others.

    John A. Karr

  2. What Shakespeare did, as Van Gogh observes, "out of compassion sacrificed himself", finds similarity with Van Gogh, in that both had this sheer creative impulse. It is something I don't think is a result of a "goal to appeal to... the masses". Compassion to give one's self is something that is miles away from pricing one's self in the eyes of others.