Monday, April 22, 2013

Letter to Kafka

Berlin-Charlottenburg, April 10, 1917
       Dear Sir,
       You made me unhappy.
       I bought your "Metamorphosis" as a gift for my cousin. But, she is incapable of understanding the story. My cousin gave it to her mother who doesn't understand it either. The mother gave the book to my other cousin, who also didn't find an explanation. Now they have written to me: They expect me to explain the story to them as I am the doctor in the family. But I am at a loss.
       Sir! I have spent months in the trenches exchanging blows with the Russians without batting an eyelid. But I could not stand losing my good name with my cousins. Only you can help me. You must do it, as you are the one who landed me in this mess. So please tell me what my cousin should think about "Metamorphosis."
       Most respectfully yours,
       Dr. Siegfried Wolff


  1. This is very humorous. Is this not something we could all have said?

  2. Most, except those of us who read Lovecraft at an impressionable age. Funny letter, indeed!