Wednesday, July 21, 2010

People are like teabags

You don’t know strong they are until you put them in hot water. How you deal with crisis, with rejection, with failure will determine how successful you will ultimately be. One can say that success is actually born out of failure. Some people are demoralized and crushed when they fail. Others allow the failure to educate them and to motivate them, to build in them a deeper fortitude, which gives them the power to succeed in the future.
- Simon Jacobson


  1. This is all so true. I never thought much about the successful part as much as the belief that crisis, rejection, and failure brings out one's true colors. However, everyone has a choice of how to act with each experience. After being challenged so much, a person just learns to let go and ride the wave, therefore building character. Different people just take longer to trust the tides.

  2. and unfortunatly ....some people like to squeeze them dry and then throw them away ;-)